Couples Therapy & Family Therapy

Geschützter Raum - Psychotherapie Barbara Kocher Meerbusch

Couples therapy Meerbusch

Do you have the feeling that your partnership or marriage has somehow changed? Do you sometimes feel that you aren’t that close anymore, do you argue more often or feel as if you are rather living next to each other than with each other? Or do fear that you might have lost trust in each other, maybe your partner is betraying you? Or you feel attracted to someone else?

There are endless reasons for difficulties in relationships, but most of the time they have something to do with changing or dysfunctional communication patterns, less openness or interest in sharing activities together in the same way then at the beginning.

I am happy to support you to find back to a good dialogue again, maybe remember why you once have decided for a partnership with each other. And maybe rediscover your relationship with new activities, even if a lot of things have changed. And sometimes couples therapy can also provide clarity, how and whether the relationship goes on. And that can be fine as well.

Family Therapy Meerbusch

Is there somebody in your family at the moment, who has got worries or is worrying you? Maybe your partner has backed down, your child shows difficulties at school or eating disorders? Our experience in the systemic therapy shows that starting points for possible changes in a family are not always beginning with the person showing the symptoms. Instead, looking at the different patterns and roles of each family member can be very helpful. Surprisingly one can often observe positive developments in family dynamics by little changes in behavior of everyone of the family. Furthermore, these changes often relieve the person showing ‘problems’ and positive changes can be observed in areas one wouldn’t have thought about at the beginning.

It is not necessary that you come with your whole family. But it is possible.

I am happy to accompany your family to look for common solutions. And we can decide together, whom you would like to bring to the sessions.