Coaching in Meerbusch

Das Leben ist schön - Psychotherapie Barbara Kocher Meerbusch

Professional Orientation & Personal Development

Are you uncertain about your professional career at the moment? Are you interested in new assignments, but don’t know whether you are brave enough? You are seeking for a personal development in your career, but don’t know yet, which direction? The list of questions about future possibilities are endless, but sometimes it can help to get a professional support to find your own answers and possible future navigations.

I am happy to support you by phrasing your own goals and wishes as well as well as possibilities to bring them to life. Your professional development of course is mainly also a development of your personal personality and capacities. My experience with former clients has proven that is can be helpful to combine methods and tools from coaching as well as from counselling in an inspiring matter. Thus, you can soon develop a vision of your personal fulfillment in your professional life.

Bullying at Work

You recently have a feeling of being treated unfair at your work place? You miss a better integration into your work team? You doubt that your boss is appreciating or recognizing your efforts and contribution at work? Do you maybe know this feeling from former work environments?

If one doesn’t feel visible at work or not being part of a team, it is a lot more difficult to be motivated or to go to work, to enjoy your professional life. Sometimes it’s also just the communication within the team that has become difficult, thus it can be helpful to share your worries here with a neutral person.

Although I am not able to change your settings at work, we can work together and explore how you can recognize your own wishes and worries at work to start with, followed by possible strategies to implement changes of communication and interaction. Thus, you can probably do the important first step within your work environment to protect you from a possible burnout.

Special: Preparation Job Interview

Are you looking for a new job? In your current company or somewhere different? Are you uncertain, what is important when writing a letter of application or in a job interview?

I have called this area ‘special’, as it is a bit like my hobbyhorse to prepare people for interviews. In the past, I have made the experience that my work experience as an international human resource manager combined with my knowledge of psychotherapy and counselling techniques has been very helpful. When it comes to a job application, it is not only necessary to present yourself well, it is even more essential to find out, who you are and what you want. The success of sessions I had with clients in this area was really nice, and at the end of the day also a lot of fun.