Who am I

  • Barbara Kocher
  • married, 2 children
  • studies of business (MBA1987)
  • studies of psychology (B.Sc. 2017)
  • systemic therapist

After my first studies of business, I have been working in advertising for more than 20 years, running my own company for about 10 years.

The subsequent studies of psychology in the UK and several therapeutic trainings characterise a strong change of my professional direction.

The experience with my clients today though reveals that there are a lot of similarities in both professional worlds. After all, it is about my deep interest in your story and in your questions that I would explore together with you very carefully to find possible directions for changes.

Often I am asked whether I have a special focus or interest for certain areas of questions from my clients. The combined experience of business and psychological matters leads to my deep interest and knowledge in supporting you around any help you might need regarding a possible burnout. You may face professional decisions in your working environment, or have difficulty in trying to solve the expectations involved in balancing your private and professional wishes. 

In addition to this knowledge, I also enjoy couples-therapy though, helping to cope with anxieties or difficult life circumstances and many other questions that life can come up with. My focus is to provide a safe environment in my practice where you will feel well respected and understood.  It is within such an environment of trust that the solutions to your questions or challenges can be found, sometimes resulting in a different outcome to your original request or possible diagnosis.

I am looking forward to meet you.