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We can adjust


Are you uncertain whether you might suffer from a depression? Do you ask yourself whether you are just a little bit under the weather right now? Do you sometimes feel like having less energy, don’t look forward to anything or just feel sad? Did your friends or family maybe comment on your mental state? Do you not sleep well and maybe experience physical symptoms you can’t explain?

It is sometimes not easy to define the difference of being sad or depressed. In any case, it is a state of mind that a lot of people know very well. And something you can work on and change again. I am happy to support you to develop your own solutions and regain more strength and zest for your life, step by step.


Does it feel as if your job is just taking too much of your energy? Are you uncertain whether and how you can cope with your professional tasks at the moment? Do you react crankily or impatient with your colleagues or boss? Do you not enjoy working in your environment like you used to, or does your job sometimes feel useless? Do you have sleeping issues or worry a lot? Do you have more difficulties to handle tasks in your private life?

An inflationary trend about the meaning or prevalence of burnout can be observed in the public discussion and it can be difficult to relate it to your own possible problems. Very often though, exhaustion starts in the professional surrounding. And the – well-meant – advices from friends and family to just work less, often are neither feasible nor helpful.

Due to my longtime experience as an executive manager, I very well know the mechanism to overcome problems at work by even working more and harder. I can support you to learn again how to acknowledge and protect your own boundaries and strengths again. And thus regain your enjoyment of working in your recent or possible new working environment.


Do you feel more anxious recently, maybe more than you used to do? Do you often, sometimes even a few hours a day, think about your fears or worries? Are these anxieties already limiting your life or are you sometimes withdrawing from social life? Even if it sounds a bit weird, but in line with our evolutionary development, it is indeed important for us to sometimes be anxious or fearful. Thereby we can survive in dangerous situation and take care of ourselves. Physical reactions of our body like breaking into sweat, palpitation or flight instincts help us to realize and react on possible dangers. If symptoms like the above though appear more and more often in situations that aren’t dangerous for us or sometimes even feel like panic attacks, it could make sense to seek for help and support.

I am happy to support you how to deal with your anxiety, to loosen its power and to help you to find back your carelessness in life.

Adjustment disorder

Do you experience some life changes or events that are difficult for you to cope with? Maybe you have lost a beloved person or you are facing a separation? Are there some family developments that might be very wearing for you?

Severe changes are part of our daily life, but sometimes we feel that our coping strategies are not enough, we feel helpless. We also sometimes experience that grief, loss or other unbearable emotions just don’t get less or smaller.

I am happy to support you on your way by displaying your own resources and competences again to better accept your life difficulties and possibly leave them behind. And soon develop more confidence and courage in life again.